Hello Neighbor,

My name is Gregg, owner and operator of The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc, THE air conditioning company for a high quality experience here in Tampa Bay. Thanks for stopping by!

What that means for you:

My dad owned and operated his own plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company in Pennsylvania when I was a kid and I learned the business from him. I lost him in an accident just after my 21st birthday and, since I was too young, inexperienced and didn’t want to be in business, my family sold the company and for the next two decades, I worked for several HVAC corporations.  However, what always seemed to be missing was doing the job well!  According to the EPA, more than 50% of American homes’ heating and cooling systems are operating at less than half of their rated efficiencies!

That’s what brought me back to operating a business: the desire to offer you top quality at a competitive price. So, in 2009, I opened The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay, Inc. and have cultivated my company to offer you the best air conditioning and customer experience you deserve for this hot and humid climate. I hope you’ll call us and see that we do indeed provide you with the best quality service in Tampa Bay!

Thanks for stopping by!

Gregg Bowman

Meet the Family

Gregg Bowman

Gregg Bowman has been working in the HVAC field since he was five years old, having gone along with his father as a “gofer” and handing him tools. He started The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay in 2009 as a one-man operation after seeing too many a/c companies being run the wrong way.  The company experienced rapid growth due to its commitment to high quality and supreme customer service all at very competitive pricing.

In his free time, Gregg enjoys spending time with his wife and children and especially enjoys traveling with them on vacation.  He is also actively involved with his church, where he serves as an elder. However, most of his time is spent continuing to build The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay into the premier customer-focused HVAC company in the Tampa Bay market!

Ashlee Bowman

Ashlee Bowman has been working in the administration and accounting department for The A/C Guy since 2013. She enjoys interacting with different types of people over the phone and getting to monitor the “pulse” of the company through recording data. She’s a self-proclaimed bookworm and appreciates all things art, culture, data and science. Ashlee also has an affinity for flowers and hip hop. When she’s not off in her own world, she is- never mind, she’s ALWAYS off in her own world!

Jordan Bowman

Jordan Bowman, the daughter of The A/C Guy, has been with the company since 2014 as a Customer Representative, Lead Handler, and Dispatcher. She truly enjoys working alongside her family and coworkers. On a typical day, you can find her answering your questions with a smile on her face or coming up with funny posts for the company’s Facebook page. When she isn’t playing her part in working toward bringing comfort to the Tampa Bay area, you will find her either playing with her baby siblings or dreaming of her next travel adventure. Give us a call and you’re sure to talk to her- and she looks forward to it!

Parker Bowman

Parker Bowman has been working with the company since May 2016 as the Parts and Supplies Specialist. He enjoys the variety of tasks his job brings and the opportunity driving around gives him to see different areas and learn the roads. His free time is spent seeing movies with friends, growing his beard, and taking classes in boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Anyone who meets Parker will quickly pick up on the fact that he is very sarcastic and loves bacon.

Benjamin Decker

Benjamin Decker has been working for The A/C Guy in the Install Department since early 2016. One of his favorite things about his job is the fun working environment and the positive attitude from everyone on the install crew. He says, “We all work together to get the job done efficiently and as neatly as possible”. When he is not at work, he is in school for HVAC, where he learns the ins and outs of the industry. Ben hopes to one day work in service and repair. For fun, Ben enjoys spending his time outdoors camping, fishing, or hunting.

Daniel Ficca

Daniel Ficca started his HVAC journey with The A/C Guy back in 2011 and currently works as the Lead Installer. He has been in the HVAC business since he was twelve years old and he enjoys every minute of it. Dan has always been a hands-on guy and says, “That is why installing and servicing HVAC equipment is an enjoyable job”. When he is not installing and servicing HVAC equipment, Dan is a full-time dad to three daughters who are his true pride and joy. He wants you to know: “To whomever may be reading this, I look forward to servicing and/or installing your HVAC equipment!”

Daniel Harrison

Daniel Harrison is a member of the install team. He has enjoyed working in the HVAC industry since 2014. For two out of those three years, he says, “I have had the pleasure of working for The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay”. In his off time, he is an extremely proud father of an amazing son, who is the light of his life.

Michael Jensen

Michael Jansen has been working with The A/C Guy since 2014. He started working on HVAC systems back in 2004, but he stepped back when he saw how the company he worked for at the time was not handling things in a way he respected. He met Gregg by chance in 2009 when he saw his pickup truck pass him on the road. He and Gregg worked together on installing systems for a little while, which inspired him to ask to join the company. He now works as The A/C Guy’s Maintenance and Service Technician. In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his family and friends, fishing, biking and going to the movie theater.

Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed has been working for The A/C Guy since early 2016 as an HVAC Design Specialist and Service Technician. He is a ten-year war veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has attended Retail Ready Career Center in Dallas, TX for his professional HVAC training and education. Chris is NATE and Indoor Air Quality certified and loves to share his knowledge with customers to ensure that we provide the solution that best fits their needs and ensures their happiness. Pinellas County is his home and he loves every bit of it. Chris enjoy spending his weekends out on the water or enjoying some of the local tastes with his family.